How to Do an Oil Change on Your Kia

January 20th, 2022 by

Doing an oil change is one of those car maintenance tasks that car owners can do on their own. However, many still don’t know how to do it correctly. The tips below are meant to help you properly perform an oil change on your Kia vehicle. These tips are from the experts at Nucar Kia of Tilton, a leading Kia dealership serving communities in and near Tilton, NH.

Check Manufacturer’s Guidelines

So you think you can change the oil of your Kia because you’ve done it with other vehicles in the past. Not so fast! When it comes to oil changes, every car is different. Before you perform an oil change on your Kia, it’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on this maintenance task. You may end up using the wrong oil in your car, which can lead to reduced lubrication and a shorter engine life span. Car owners near Tilton, NH, can contact our dealership to determine the right oil for their car.

Use the Correct Oil Weight

Motor oils have specific weights to be used in particular engine types. The weight is usually printed on the oil fill cap under the hood for newer cars. If it’s not printed on the oil fill cap, then look for a sticker that identifies the oil weight required by your engine. You should only use an oil weight recommended by Kia for the particular model you have. If you’re near Tilton, NH, you can call or visit us to know what oil weight is right for your vehicle.

Wear Protective Gear

Don’t forget to wear protective gear if you’re changing your car’s oil at home. You need to ensure safety and cleanliness for a problem-free oil change. Have plenty of clean towels nearby, so you can quickly wipe off any oil that comes in contact with your skin. Placing a tarp or an old shower curtain underneath the oil pan protects your garage floor from spills.

Get Oil in the Engine

Ensure that the oil gets into the engine and not just on it. You need an effective funnel and the right pouring angle to achieve this. You also need to pour the oil slowly. This part can be tricky, but you’ll eventually master it after doing it several times.

Dispose of Used Oil Responsibly

Part of being a responsible car owner is to dispose of old oil responsibly after an oil change. The environment will thank you for it. Also, some states have laws regarding proper engine oil disposal. For example, car owners near Tilton, NH, should check out the laws for proper disposal of used motor oil in New Hampshire.

If you want to experience hassle-free oil changes, just take your Kia vehicle to Nucar Kia of Tilton, and we’ll change the oil for you. Our service center is accessible to anyone near Tilton, NH. We have factory-trained service technicians who know the best oil type for your vehicle. We will also properly dispose of your old oil.

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