What Happens If/How to Know If There Is Water in a Gas Tank

December 9th, 2021 by

With the high gas prices today, everybody wishes their cars would run on water. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, so motorists will have to continue paying what feels like a small fortune at the gas station. But what if water does manage to get in your fuel tank? What will happen then, and how do you know it’s in there in the first place?

Don’t fret if these questions are swirling around in your mind. Let’s learn about water in gas tank symptoms.

A Rough Idle

If you notice any of the water in gas tank symptoms, it’ll probably be this one. It is common for a vehicle’s engine to idle roughly when moisture mixes with the fuel. Perhaps right after you crank your car, it feels like it’s going to die. Or, maybe after you stop at a red light, you detect the motor stumbling and then stalls. These are possibilities when you have water in gas tank issues.

Engine Misfires

Water that gets into the gas tank doesn’t just stay there. Rather, it travels throughout the fuel system. If the liquid reaches the combustion chamber, that’s when misfiring can enter the picture. Water in gas tank symptoms associated with engine misfires include:

  • Changes in the motor’s sound
  • Increased emissions
  • A foul smell
  • Acceleration hesitation

Misfiring can happen while you start your car or after it cranks and when it’s idling. The issue can even present itself while you’re driving down the road. It isn’t always a sign of water in the gas tank, but sometimes it is. So, get your ride checked. Regardless of what’s causing the issue, it needs to be fixed.

An Illuminated Check Engine Light

Water in gas tank symptoms don’t have to be overly complicated. In some instances, vehicles check engine lights will turn on after water is detected in the fuel system. This happens after a sensor relays a message to the onboard computer. But to find out exactly what’s happening, you’ll likely have to take your car to a mechanic. The mechanic will need to connect your ride to a scan tool to see what code is thrown and figure out what part to repair or replace.

If your vehicle has been presenting these symptoms lately, water may have gotten in your gas tank. Maybe the fuel was bad at the last gas station you stopped at, or somebody could have even put the water there on purpose. Regardless of what happened or how it got there, the fuel tank and system need to be cleaned. Contact Nucar Kia of Tilton in Tilton, NH, to schedule a service, and our capable staff will take care of the task. Once the team is finished, your car will run as good as new.

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